Introduction to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Introduction to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers a suite of technology solutions designed to link your nonprofit initiatives with passionate supporters. You can leverage its capabilities to gain insights, efficiently track supporters and programs, and explore innovative methods to advance your mission. 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is the foundational Salesforce solution for non-profits, equipped with Fundraising, Program Management, Case Management, and Outcome-Tracking tools. Additionally, for organizations involved in fund or grant distribution, Grantmaking extends the functionalities of the Nonprofit Cloud, providing tools dedicated to managing the entire grant lifecycle.

The most fascinating part about Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud – your first 10 licenses are free under their Power of Us program!

Features of NonProfit Cloud


Fundraising oversees giving cycles involving corporations, foundations, and individuals through the Fundraising Portfolio. It offers a comprehensive perspective on individuals via the Donor Profile.

Fundraising consists of four different apps tailored to specific roles, grouping tasks and responsibilities for streamlined efficiency:

Fundraising Strategy App –  Offers an overview of fundraising data and activities, aiding executives and managers in tracking progress and planning future efforts.

Donor Engagement App – Helps mass-market fundraisers and campaign managers by compiling engagement data from campaigns, source codes and reports for efficient outreach management.

Philanthropy & Partnerships App – Equips high-touch fundraisers and grant writers with tools to cultivate major gifts, allowing research on donors and grantmakers, and tracking interactions.

Fundraising Operations App – Assists gift processors in entering and managing gifts, recording donor commitments and providing tools for donor support officers to track and respond to donor requests.

Benefits of using Nonprofit for Fundraising:
  • Fundraising staff receive tools that cover the entire process from gift commitments to financial reconciliation, ensuring streamlined management of donations.
  • Tools specifically catered to high-touch and major-gift fundraisers help them efficiently handle their portfolio of donors, providing comprehensive donor profiles for deeper understanding.
  • For mass market fundraisers, dedicated tools enable them to track their efforts using source codes and segmentation tools, optimizing their outreach strategies.
Program Management

Nonprofit organizations execute initiatives or programs aligned with their mission to serve specific demographics. Utilizing Program Management within the Salesforce platform, organizations can efficiently define, plan, execute, and monitor the progress of their programs. This feature consolidates essential program and benefit details, offering real-time insights critical for informed decision-making.

Benefits of Program Management
  • Register people for programs and benefits.
  • Keep track of who’s joined which program.
  • Keep tabs on how benefits are given out.
  • Collect program data for easy reports.
  • Sign up case participants for programs.

Use cases where Program Management can be applied:
  • Nature conservation groups doing habitat cleanup.
  • Cancer awareness groups hosting patient support gatherings.
  • Homeless advocacy giving out food in community programs.
  • Child welfare agencies running family support initiatives.
  • Educational institutions providing learner support programs.
Case Management

Salesforce Case Management empowers case managers to grasp the complete participant story, provide tailored experiences and collaborate extensively to support individual achievements. It’s the method by which an organization monitors objectives, delivers services and evaluates the results for a client across their entire journey with a nonprofit. It enables case managers to focus on their strengths by dedicating more time to providing assistance to individuals in need.

Within Salesforce Case Management, you’ll find:
  • Care Plans
  • Dynamic assessments
  • Comprehensive participant overview
  • Incidents
  • Handling inbound referrals and intake
  • Interaction summaries for note-taking
Benefits of Case Management:
  • The Case Manager Home Page offers immediate visibility into upcoming meetings, tasks or urgent incidents requiring attention.
  • Users can swiftly access essential details about a participant, including their picture, preferred name, pronouns, critical alerts and more.
  • Program Participant Notes guide case representatives in crafting notes with prompts to capture information, enabling them to save drafts and tag them with specific topics.
Outcome Management

Outcome Management allows you to outline your desired outcomes in tandem with the programs aimed at achieving them. It provides you with essential tools to establish your outcome strategy and transform it into actionable steps by employing indicators to track your progress. Your team gains the ability to set targets and monitor results, ensuring accountability to your mission. Moreover, by gathering feedback from the individuals or communities you serve, the integrated Dynamic Assessments tool simplifies the process of collecting outcomes data from program participants.

Grant Management

Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking, an extension, includes all Nonprofit Cloud features and adds tools specifically for managing the grant lifecycle for fund distribution organizations. Users can simplify grant management for funders and applicants alike using Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking. This toolset encompasses features to facilitate grant disbursement and streamline nonprofit operations.

With Nonprofit Cloud for Grantmaking, you can:

  • Monitor organizations and individuals engaged in grants and applications.
  • Establish comprehensive funding opportunities, including application specifics.
  • Provide services aimed at enhancing the welfare of individuals, families, and communities through Program and Case Management.


  • Nonprofit Cloud consolidates information, simplifying daily tasks and minimizing manual work.
  • Its robust analytics and reporting tools enable organizations to measure and communicate their impact, fostering transparency and accountability.
  • Generative AI can enhance team efficiency and elevate stakeholder experiences when combined with your nonprofit CRM data.
  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate data silos
  • Support from the Salesforce team
  • Power to customise
  • Accurate Reports and Dashboard

How much does Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud cost?

– Nonprofit Cloud Enterprise Edition – $60 USD/user/month billed annually

– Nonprofit Cloud Unlimited Edition – $100 USD/user/month billed annually

The Power of Us Program offers discounted Salesforce technology to educational institutions and nonprofits new to the Salesforce CRM platform.

Once your application is approved, customers will be granted ten licenses for the Sales & Service Cloud – Enterprise Edition – FOR FREE!

Is a Salesforce org necessary to apply for the Power of Us Program?

– Starting from March 17, 2023, updates have been made to the Power of Us portal. Now, having a Salesforce organization to finalize your Power of Us application is not mandatory.

Upon approval of your program application, access the Power of Us Portal to view your subscriptions and available offers. Learn more about the Power of US Program here:


Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud serves as an invaluable resource, empowering nonprofits to align their efforts more efficiently with their mission. With careful integration and continuous fine-tuning, nonprofits can fully leverage Nonprofit Cloud’s capabilities to catalyze social change and pave the way for a more promising future for their beneficiaries. Are you in search of a trusted Salesforce partner to help implement the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for your organization?

Look no further – we, Creatique Technologies, excel in delivering outstanding Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofit Cloud, helping clients optimize their Fundraising, Donors, Programs, and beyond by extracting maximum value from their Salesforce investments.

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